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Re: Hugo Chávez re-elected president in Venezuela

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
Or he's turning out the lowest elements of society who are entirely dependent on handouts and when the government runs out of other people's money to give away, then it's anarchy and chaos. You don't seem to understand that the government buys votes in Venezuela and forces government workers to vote for them. They have all the power and money. And if they lose a vote, they simply stage another and another until they get what they want.

That never works out in the long run. The cream of Venezuela's youth are already gone. And that's left will certainly go now. You are left with a communist society that has an elite political class with everything and all the people with the same scraps.
You are 100% right. I mean it's quite hard to underestand what's happening here.It's not as easy as some people say well if he is that bad why is he still winning elections?. He has all the resources from the state, that is a huge amount of money and nobody really can compete with that. And by resources I mean all the money and the public media. He has tv channels, radio stations and pappers to his disposition. He speaks for hours quite often, sometimes several days a week (and when an election is comming even more often), and if you dont have cable you are forced to hear and see whatever he is saying (you can turn the tv or radio off of course) because not only public tv and radio stations HAVE to transmit that but also the private ones. Of course the opposition dont have that luxury. He has shut down tv and radio stations, papers, and has fined other medias, specially one tv station (basically the only tv station that is critical with the goverment) more that once.The elections here are far from fair and equal for every party involved. The balance is clearly tilted to one side, the goverment side.
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