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Post Re: Why are ballbashers more highly regarded than tacticians like Murray?

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
The most hilarious thing is that Crapeod was actually a fan of Del Potro and predicted he would win RG 2012. Later on, he edited his posts, changed the topic title and started calling him brainless/one dimensional etc. Bandwagoning at its finest.
I bandwagoned him when he was injured and then I came off it before he started playing again. I admit though it was stupid. I can't remember why I even did that.
Originally Posted by Mountaindewslave View Post
because they're less boring to watch. simple as that. we decided what we like based on how it looks.
Originally Posted by atennisfan View Post
Because it is more entertaining to watch.
If you think watching a ball getting smacked over and over again the same way is more entertaining than smart, tactical tennis then that's your problem.
Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
Yes, he is highly disliked here because of his troubles with DelPotro when they were junior. and because he is ugly as hell.
That's a legit reason to hate someone. Are all people from Argentina like this or is it just the ones on here?
Originally Posted by Lestat View Post
the biggest insult here is mugray winning a GS being a non-tactician pusher helped by wind. Biggest disgrace for tennis. Tennis died last september.
Pusher? Wrong. Non-tactician? Wrong. Helped by wind? Wrong, he was also playing in the wind in case you didn't know. Tennis died then? Wrong. Biggest disgrace in tennis? Wrong.

Congratulations, you said 5 incorrect things in a row in 2 sentences. That's quite impressive.


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