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Re: 1994-1996 : Rubin, Kwiatkowski, Halebian, Papa, Corinteli, McDonald, Donaldson,

Originally Posted by zumbazumba View Post
I honestly don t think that predicting that Rubin might lose to his opponent warrants your statement that I hate the kid. Please tell me that you did that in the heat of the moment. if you go back and read what I said was that Henrik might upset Noah in three sets, and Lederman will give him a tough match, which indeed it turned out to be (lederman had three consecutive match points). I predicted other seeds to be upset as well but somehow that did not strike a chord with you. Only my prediction against the top seed did?!

Other posters on this thread were making comments about players having no chance of winning, or being mentally fragile or being given too much credit and somehow that was not considered ill-intended or malicious, but a mere prediction of a top seed going out early leads you to believe I hate the kid?!!! That is not fair! I think my posts are very respectful and not intended to offend anyone. I was merely rendering my opinion. like everyone else.
1. Rubin is one of my favorites, so I was quite shocked when you made that comment about Thai being a better player.

2. I was wondering if you bore any ill-will towards him because of the consistent pattern of expecting him to lose against much lesser ranked opponents. I know hate is a strong word. I meant it more as like do you have a negative impression of him and/or just don't think he is as good as his rankings or previous accomplishments indicate? To compare, I have pretty much written off Dennis Novikov as a hopeless player even though he just won Kalamazoo and did well at the US Open. I don't literally "hate" him as I know nothing about who he is outside of tennis, but I do view his tennis game in a pretty negative light and usually expect him to lose. So I wanted to know is that kind of how you view Noah?

3. You were VERY respectful and I saw no intention to offend anyone. None of your comments were offensive or malicious. Also, I definitely respect your opinion. It seems like you have seen many of these junior players in person, which is a very valuable perspective.

4. I genuinely want (I'm practically dying) to know what from the games, playing styles, results, accomplishments and history of the two players have led you to infer the statement that "Thai is a better tennis player" than Noah. I haven't seen either in person, but outside of that I see next to nothing that would back up that statement.

All that said and done.... Rubin has been struggling all week so I do think Kwiatkowski will win tomorrow

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