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Re: 1994-1996 : Rubin, Kwiatkowski, Halebian, Papa, Corinteli, McDonald, Donaldson,

Originally Posted by PTWahoo14 View Post
Have they ever even played each other before?

I....I just.... I don' this.... uhhh *does not compute*. Care to explain how you've come to this conclusion? Do you just hate Rubin (since you've been predicting against him since the second round)?
I honestly don t think that predicting that Rubin might lose to his opponent warrants your statement that I hate the kid. Please tell me that you did that in the heat of the moment. if you go back and read what I said was that Henrik might upset Noah in three sets, and Lederman will give him a tough match, which indeed it turned out to be (lederman had three consecutive match points). I predicted other seeds to be upset as well but somehow that did not strike a chord with you. Only my prediction against the top seed did?!

Other posters on this thread were making comments about players having no chance of winning, or being mentally fragile or being given too much credit and somehow that was not considered ill-intended or malicious, but a mere prediction of a top seed going out early leads you to believe I hate the kid?!!! That is not fair! I think my posts are very respectful and not intended to offend anyone. I was merely rendering my opinion. like everyone else.
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