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Re: 2012 Pre-ACC Chat Post

Originally Posted by Orange Wombat View Post
Viruzzzz brings entertainment to MTF.
Much in the same way a clown brings entertainment to a circus. The masses will find it funny, but any remotely sophisticated mind will see right through the desperate and failed attempts at being funny.

Originally Posted by Everko View Post
Action Jokeson is near the top
What do you mean 'near' the top? He/she is probably the biggest clown on MTF. She can even make other moderators look good in comparison, which is saying a lot considering MTF is definitely the worst moderated forum I've ever been in.

Originally Posted by Freak3yman84 View Post
I see it now

I nominate hat__boy btw
hat_boy is probably the most intelligent poster on this forum tbh, defo not a clown. It kind of annoys me that he always see through my trolling, but that doesn't make him a clown
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