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Re: 2012 Pre-ACC Chat Post

Originally Posted by Looner View Post
If this is not true, you'll get a revenge badrep for the disappointment factor.
He said it himself. It was an epic goodbye speech, but I suspect he may come back .

Not worthy of a bombshell

That is, no lies. No jokes. Just the truth.
I'm going to be serious in this post, for once

I've tried to bring some fantasy, innovation and a different conception of community (mine conception) here, but I simply failed. You know, I come from Tennis Forum, things are different there. I understand the only way many users here have to enjoy themselves is using the world "mug" in such a desperate way.

I tried with GIFs, funny threads, innovative things. But just few people appreciated my try here, that's why I don't see the reason of going on furthermore.

As expected, many of you will cover this thread with many "bye bitch" gifs or many insults that I really don't deserve. But I'm not going to these read at all. I'll just logout a few minutes after posting this thread.

So, yeah, enjoy the freedom I don't think I will be ever back.
If some poeple want to talk with me, be free to send emails to, otherwise.. nothing.

So, enjoy the freedom, again Bash as much as you can, I know some people will be happier this way. Although real happyness should not be found on a tennis board, you know...

Bye everyone.

(Not) Beloved Hian
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