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Re: Alternative player ranking system

Originally Posted by G.100sic View Post
52-week list/year-to-day list would reflect not what exists in chess, but what exists in tennis. Official 52-week list determines actual ATP/WTA ranking, which determines seeding for the tournaments. The Elo list would reflect just the same, results from matches a player played in the last 52 weeks, and whatever the numbers show from that, just with any statistics, is fine. The same goes for year-to-day list.

For me, it would be interesting to compare those lists with official ATP/WTA ranking, because official ranking favors higher prized tournaments. If we imagine the situation, for instance, that one player wins 2 tournaments, one from 500 series, and one from 250 series, playing against exactly the same opponents on both tournaments, in exactly the same number of sets, he would be awarded double points for the 500 series tournament for exactly equal achievement as on 250 series tournament. Elo rating system irons those differences, taking into account only head-to-head achievements.
But what would the starting points be? Imagine you're at Doha 2013. Year just started. You're calculating the "race" ranking. Federer wins 1st round against....say Tomic. What is their ranking before and after this one match? Something like 1500 --> 1520 for Federer and 1500 --> 1480 for Tomic?
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