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Re: Alternative player ranking system

Originally Posted by G.100sic View Post
Well, calculating points is not to much work, but maintaining the whole database could prove to be demanding.
In the meantime, I would like to discuss some technical/mathematical issues regarding calculations, as well as some practical matter.
For instance, maintaining "career" ranking list, 52-week list, and even year-to-day (ATP/WTA race to championship) list?
52-week list/year-to-day list would be something else. Nothing like that exists in chess. A top player can go an entire year without playing and will keep his number. How would you go about a 52-week list? I might be unimaginative, but I can't see how you would do anything besides "career" list this way. Unless you have all players start over - like everyone ranked 1500 at the start of the year. In which case playing lots of lowly tournaments would count unproportionally.

What looks more achievable IMO, is to post yearly movements. If player x started the year at 2800 and is now 2840, it has been a good year. But it will not be immediately apparent if it has been better year than for player y moving from 2600 to 2750.
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