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Re: 2012 Pre-ACC Chat Post

Now this is a late edit but Burrow won ACC in 2009 . This competition has lost all meaning to me now. How come such a good poster win this event. I don't consider myself worthy of the title.

Originally Posted by fast_clay View Post
ok clowns... come out, come out wherever you are...

didn't Filo.V have a mental breakdown last year because of ACC...? i think he will be strong with the bookies along with Looner, Johnny Groove and Big John...
I just stopped over this thread and it's good to see someone has taken notice of my efforts. However, I just can't imagine why anyone would vote for Groove as clown (he goes overly enthusiastic at times but that's pretty much it, he's really unbiased for a Top 4 tard).

I mean Everfail and other such clowns are way worthier winners.

I wouldn't mind winning just to see if people around these parts are dumb enough to do it .

Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
don't know who will win but this contest loosing it's aura through the years with permabanning all time greats. Only thing which I know is that anybody who nominates nick the greek disrespecting yourself big time. Imagine, in last few months the guy has made 1000+ posts from which the most intelligent one could be easily matched with random one of 10 years old child with restrictions in development. The guy who is claiming that he is 20+ quoting the posts with " Fixed! " quote and that makes him proud on himself. For his own good just hope he has falsified age count to impress his own kind. I mean, they were and they are much more annoying posters but after every post of his I am stunned with level of sadness which surrounding us
Jesus, how I could miss Stark da Greek is beyond me . Probably at least 30% of my bad reps have gone out to that unfortunate mug.

Originally Posted by Roger the Dodger View Post
Raferminator, Nick the Greek, Trollspindoc (usual suspects)
Elister, Sapeod (Bad rep brigade)
Looner (sorry mate! I know you're a Fedtard and everything but many will say you belong here)
Freak3y3man84 making a late unexpected entry into THE nominations.
No problem. I might as well try to win it .

The "Who plays tennis?" thread

Originally Posted by Rocket Rod Laver
Roger is like a good red wine, he’s getting better with age.

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