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Re: 2012 Pre-ACC Chat Post

Well, biggest clown on this boards by far is BigJaneEmo, following by looser Ork, annoying fangirl habibiko, then bashitak or w.e, utter moron moozalover and few more.

But by a big margine BigJane is over them, his constant stalking of Djokovic threads is serious psychiatric disorder. His arguments are bad, he doesnt understand word sarcasam , self obssesed and no brain. Look no further for ACC winner.

Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
It would be an immense tragedy, a complete injustice if neither Start da Game or Clay Death would win one ACC crown.

It would be bad for the noble institution that it is. It is not a hate competition, it is not an outlet to vent frustrations, it is a celebration of assclownery. And those two were both completely those things.
Also includes obssesion for SDG and CD.

To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.


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