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Re: Why are ballbashers more highly regarded than tacticians like Murray?

Originally Posted by Tag View Post
yes, and del potro is the worst offender. high powered percentage playing pusher

murray is however far more tactical than nadal or djokovic, it must be said. he has a slice, and can volley, for a start
True, Del Potro is 'guilty' of playing a very unique form of power pushing often, but he can also be very aggressive with his shots and even charge the net as he did for instance during the entire Olympic tournament.

He's a very tall dude with obvious movement issues, what he has going for him is the biggest (and arguably the best) forehand in men's tennis; while great, a huge FH is not exactly what you need to win a Slam in this slow court era. His brand of power pushing was a brilliant way of adapting his game to an era that doesn't favor power players at all, shows great adaptability. It's what makes him beat lower ranked players all the time even while injured, he can extend rallies and the lower ranked guys can't handle his consistent power.

Besides, I find it very interesting. You usually see players defending by running down every ball, grinding, etc... Del Potro's defending with power brand is a great change-up, not to mention he can be quite offensive too.
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