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Re: 2012 Hardcourt all the way! 100% going forward! Hopefully.

Not being able to see the match is frustrating. Dolgo could have been on fire and nothing Gilles could have done, although I highly doubted that scenario, since Dolgo was hardly in good form lately. They probably both played mediocre and loose play at crucial points made the difference. The BP conversion stat is again very discouraging. I'm not holding my hope up for the remaining 2 tournaments. Seems like he won't be able to get back to Top 15 and most likely won't be able to hand on to 16th either (would have been good for a good seeding in AO). Oh well. There's always next year.

The thing about Gilles, he seems to always be able to turn things around when he's at the brink of totally losing hope. So let's hope it will happen again.


P.S. just read what Gilloulou wrote. So maybe Dolgo was on fire . Or Gilles was pitiful in his own play, who knows. Oh well.
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