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Re: Worst matchup issues between top (10/20) players

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
He will either lose by spraying errors as Ferrer keeps getting that extra ball back or by not being able to keep up with Ferrer in a grinding contest. But he will lose for sure...
Or he constructs points to come in, which is part of why I'm so puzzled by this particular match-up. Against every other grinder, Gasquet closes gaps between him and his opponent by moving forward and playing the net. I have no real reason to believe that Ferrer is somehow above that, and yet, again, he makes Gasquet look lost at net.

Ferrer goes after the Gasquet BH because it's the best way to pin Gasquet back since his BH preparation is so long.
Not sure I buy this since Gasquet's forehand prep is equally long if not more so. It's also much more prone to error. The only thing I can gather is that Ferrer actually enjoys that extra bit of height on the Gasquet backhand. As I said, he has really teed off on it in recent years.

With Gasquet miles the behind, it's too easy for Ferrer to outmanouever/outgrind him
This is probably the crux of it, as Gasquet spends most matches too far behind the baseline, but I wouldn't think that he'd let that happen in a match like this, where he knows his best bet is to move in and take chances.
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