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Re: Worst matchup issues between top (10/20) players

Originally Posted by duong View Post
Hence why Davydenko, Fed and Djokovic are bad match-ups for him. I still think Murray is a better match-up for him than the latter ones, contrary to what some think.
Agree about the rest of the post, and even most of this paragraph. Nalbandian/Davydenko and Murray sure, Djokovic no way. 6-2 is a bit misleading here since three of the matches came before Delpo broke through and a lot during his comeback. For instance in Cincy and USO, Nole beat a Delpo in clear physical troubles (no BH due to wrist)and Delpo beat Nole in DC last year with Nole injured.

The few matches where both were fit and healthy showed an incredible power struggle from the baseline, it's a pretty neutral matchup with both fit. Djokovic's advantage can be explained, apart from circumstances (3 matches played with Delpo still not a top player, etc...) by the fact he has generally been a better player than Juan over the years.

Murray is a far worse matchup for Delpo, due to his ability to seamlessly absorb and redirect power.

Originally Posted by duong View Post
yes except for big hitters, actually the main reason why Del Po wins against him is that he makes less errors and has a better backhand, like Söderling. Like Söderling he's just a better player than Tsonga. Also I disagree that on a good day, Tsonga wil definitely defeat Murray and Djokovic, he needs a very good day and them not to be at their top.

Against big serves first Tsonga returns bad, secondly he can always have an awol service game which is very costly in the end.

Also the passing-shot is very useful against him because he often goes to the net, hence why Murray is even a worse match-up for him than Djokovic.
On a great day Tsonga will most definitely beat Djokovic and Murray no matter how those two are playing, at least off clay. Tsonga with a functioning/non error leaking BH and ROS is arguably the best player in the world. Check his AO semifinal vs Nadal or the last three sets vs Federer at Wimbledon for reference; in the very, very rare days Tsonga isn't leaking BH errors for fun and tanking return games left and right, he's extremely hard to beat. His attacking game (serve, FH, power, net game, etc... combo) is the best in the business along with Federer.

Djokovic and Murray beat him because they are more steady than him and can exploit his weaknesses on most days. On the days those weaknesses aren't there, good luck beating Jo.

Originally Posted by Sanya View Post
Federer is terrible match-up to anyone whose surname isn`t Nadal. Ferrer suits here better - there a few players who relatively easy handle him, but Delpo isn`t one of them in any conditions. JMDP can`t hit throuh him on regular basic reluying only on his power and isn`t that good in defence to cope with tension David creates playing deep in every shot.
Not really. For instance Berdych matches up well vs Federer and has been doing very well against him lately, despite being an inferior player compared to Del Potro.

Ferrer is probably a better example of a bad matchup though, I agree. Federer dominating JMDP has as much to do with a bad matchup as with Federer being clearly the better player overall.

JMDP's problems against Ferrer are the same as against Murray really. Unlike vs most of the tour, he can't win a rally by simply getting one full swing on his FH with a safe shot. Ferrer can handle the pace/weight of shot and get it back with good depth, prolonging the rallies/exposing Juan's movement. He needs to take more risks, hit closer to the lines - he's capable of doing it but it's not his default game at all.

Also, Ferrer is a player who usually does his homework on opponents, must be said. He has clocked on something that Federer did after the USO 2009 final too and avoids as much as possible letting JMDP hitting his FH on the run. It's a shot where Del Potro has no peer on tour and one that gives him tremendous confidence whenever he pulls it off during a match. Both Federer and Ferrer have recently tried as much as possible to not give Juan any chance to unleash it (Federer took it to the extreme in their recent Olympic match).

Originally Posted by Sanya View Post
David extracts everything out of himself, no doubt.

BTW if I had to answer who is worse match-up for Delpo, Murray or Ferrer, I would need to guess. Instinctively I want to say Andy, but maybe that`s not all that simple.
Ferrer definitely. Murray is a better player than Ferrer (so the H2H is more normal) and despite the 5-1 most of their matches were very close.
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