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Re: Worst matchup issues between top (10/20) players

Originally Posted by nazzac View Post
haha, we do

Good thread btw

And seen as though it hasn't been mentioned yet, what style/match-up is worst for Tsonga? Out of players, from what i've seen Jo struggles a little bit with Murray. Their H2H is 6-1 in Andy's favour with Jo's win coming at the 2008 Aussie open (Jo's best tournament to date)

For Tsonga, the worst matchups are:

-great returners with strong baseline games - Djokovic and Murray basically. Jo's horrendous ROS makes him very reliant on his awesome serve, against players who can not only get it back but force him into long rallies and expose his iffy BH he's in trouble. Off clay, he WILL definitely beat Murray and Djokovic on the rare days where his BH and return are working to at least a decent level (ie not taking return games and leaking BH errors for fun), but on an average he's in trouble, hasn't beaten them for a long time. He's 1-6 vs Murray and lost the Wimbledon semi because despite having a far bigger/better serve Murray can do a lot more damage on return, Jo sturggles to get even Murray's powderpuff second serves back in play most times let alone with any bite.

-big hitters/servers. Because of the same issues: horrendous ROS, weak BH. Against guys who hit even bigger than him (Soderling, Del Potro) and can thus wrestle the initiative from him in most points, he's in trouble as his defense off the BH side is terrible as is his ROS, hence 0-5 vs Soderling and 2-5 vs Delpo (with the two wins coming with Delpo clearly diminished physically). Big servers (Isner, Raonic, Karlovic) because of his shit ROS of course.

Basically, all of Jo's matchup issues can be pinpointed to his BH and/or ROS. If he could somehow work on those aspects and make them at least solid, he'd very tough to beat for anyone and a Slam winner for sure.
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