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Re: Tsonga: Referees always favor top 4

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
It doesn't matter whether or not 4 players are being benefitted at the expense of everyone else? Can hardly think of anything more relevant.

And good that Jo made such a comment, someone has to. Shame Berdych and especially Ferrer didn't have the balls to do so after getting screwed in the USO semis this year to increase the likelihood of a 'Big 4' final.
Well, I think it's difficult to decide when it's appropriate to make comments and when it's better to shut up. The problem is, if you make such comments after losing, they will inevitably be perceived as excuses brought up by a frustrated loser.
But at the same time, when you look at Ferru who has this policy of never giving any excuse at all no matter the circumstances... Yes sometimes I do wish he would speak up and defend himself. I think one of the reasons they sometimes treat him very poorly is also that they know he won't complain. But the problem is, his choice of never complaining, which is obviously deliberate, only has value if he sticks to it constantly.

So I don't know what the right attitude is. Maybe several players would need to get together to denounce the system, then it would be more powerful. They could still denounce them collectively as sore losers but that would be more difficult.

Sorry if it's off-topic, but it reminds me of controversies in ice-skating (which is worse since it relies entirely on judges). One of my favourite couples in ice dance was from Lithuania, and they were shamlessly undermarked for their entire career. They were always extremely classy about it and almost never complained, even though their results were becoming increasingly outrageous and many observers were beginning to notice it.
Then, during the Salt Lake Olympics, it was even worse than usual (because that time, two of the couples ranked ahead of them had actually fallen heavily) and Lithuania filed an official complaint.
But the problem is, the system and the power of the media make it so, that there is also a double standard when judging complaints. So while the Canadians, backed by the American media, were making an incredible amount of fuss about losing to the Russians (which I think was not unfair at all), made sure all hell broke loose and successfully got a reversal of the jugding, no one anywhere paid any attention to the Lithuanian dancers.
In the end, what happened is that later in the same season, the judges repeated the offence, and that time, it was such a cruel blow to them that they did openly show their discontent and spoke up during press conferences.
What was extraordinary was that other competitors initiated a petition complaining about the judging in general, and the way this couple in particular had been treated throughout their career, and all the other competitors (except the ones that had benefitted from the judges' decision) signed it.
And there was a result: because of this (and other scandals), they changed the system. I'm not sure it's really much different now, to be honest, but at least something was done.

So, possibly, collective action is where the answer lies? If there really is a system protecting the Big 4, then maybe what is needed is a petition or a complaint by several players, not just one, in order to give it more credibility?
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