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Re: Toni: "When facing Roger the idea was always to slow down the points"

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post

Nadal only gets a ton of hate from Noserer fangirls who are bitter that Nadal made the "GOAT" his pigeon and exposed him for a clown that played in a mug era. They try to convince everyone who will listen that Nadal is "hated". Truth is, Nadal is one of the most popular sportsmen in the world. He has 11 slams at 26 years old, has tons of money, better looking and much slimmer girlfriend and is already a legend of the game. Noserertards mad because Nadal humiliated their hero on the big stage time and time again honestly make me laugh.
That mug era that Fed dominated is the same mug era in which Nadal won his 11 slams (7 of them at FO) so any attempt to disparage Fed's era also puts down Nadal. Making fun of Mirka and her weight is only a credit to Fed who could pretty much have his pick of women but who remains faithful to an overweight, not so hot looking (compared to the other tennis players' wives/girlfriends) older woman.

I think that Fed is comfortable with where he's at in his career. No matter what the Rafatards say, the record number of weeks at #2 is not a plus in any GOAT debate. His phenomenal clay play is to be applauded although I would still pick Borg over Nadal because of the serve - even on clay and most definitely on other surfaces.
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