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Re: Does anyone like indoor tennis?

Originally Posted by Everko View Post
can you tell me which ones?

Federer is falling and rapidly. he had a brief bump but he is declining on a mountain.
Federer nas not beat Nadal in slam and never will again.
Golubev is rising, he is going back to his good playing style.
Murray in my mind and in the mind of many tue tennis fans, did not win a real slam. he won a sham because the world's top competitor and his personal soulwitch man was not there. Murray did win a sham I will give you that.
Your predictions were all wrong Evermug. Federer did anything but fall in 2012. He won Wimby and rose to #1 in the world. Murray won a slam. Golubev did fuckall. Federer will beat Nadal again in a slam. What blows my mind is that this absolute troll of the highest order is not banned yet. I guess the mods feel he really is just that dumb.
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