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Re: Does anyone like indoor tennis?

Originally Posted by viruzzz View Post
Pathetic user, pathetic threads.

You have no dignity, otherwise you should be hiding your fuckin head like an ostrich.

Originally Posted by rocketassist View Post
Federer rose, not fell. If the prediction was 'Federer will rise again, then fall' he'd be eventually right (unless he retired at #1)

This clown should be scurrying off to the TF Castle to rejoin his bezzie mates.
And this.

Originally Posted by HKz View Post
Dropping to 3 was a fucking huge fall. And then he fall backwards into the top position again. Clown
Gosh I wonder what would happen if Federer beat Rafa at a slam. Oh wait, I know, you'll make another fucking stupid ass excuse
Golubev is rising? Sure, but he fucking falls too
Murray won a slam, regardless of how much in denial you are. He has beaten Nadal twice at the slams, so who gives a fuck if Rafa wasn't there.

Please bring on more excuses. If anything, your whole world is falling down. You've had so many fail ass predictions in your sig and you removed several of them over the years. Just pathetic, absolutely clownish.

Yes Clay Clown and tard da game were fantastic users. Fapping to Rafa, and Rafa only, you may go do that elsewhere now.
And even more - THIS.

Originally Posted by Jverweij View Post
I really don't understand why this endless bickering is allowed to go on, while my comments on it are being deleted
Your guess as much as mine. This entire thread should have been bombd'ed days-weeks-months ago, but apparently, our MTF-heralded mods have been caught napping once again.

How about waking up dear Mods and finally dump/close this pathetic thread?

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