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Re: Tsonga: Referees always favor top 4

Originally Posted by Taejin View Post
Yup, this, Novak's challenges are often correct, I think there was even some stats about that, but no way of finding it. Anyway, Tsonga is a top player himself, #5 or #6, it's not like he's a random journeyman from top 500.
There was a website that had this stat. Dunno how true it was, but I believed it But I can't remember where I saw it.

Originally Posted by MuzzahLovah View Post
I'm not sure about his broader point, but that call in the tiebreak was utterly ridiculous and everyone in the live chat thought so as well. How many times have we seen a player serve, the returner get a racket on it, and ball be incorrectly called out. Always if the call is overturned on challenge, they replay the point if the opponent gets a racket on it. At least in every other match I've seen. But Djokovic is awarded an ace in the tiebreak. That has to be unnerving and irritating. I don't blame Tsonga for ranting a bit after that.
Umpires are starting to do that more often: award the point to the server even if you get a racket on it. Like I said before, it happened to Djokovic at the U.S. Open.

I have no problem with it. 9 times out of 10, the "out" call did not disrupt the returner and the umpire is just giving the returner the benefit of the doubt by replaying the point; they're basically placating the players. The only issue is that this call isn't made consistently across ALL umpires. But I have seen the call being made more often in the last few months.
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