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Re: Tsonga: Referees always favor top 4

Originally Posted by Alex999 View Post
Duong, I don't think Tsonga is a bad loser per se and I like your last post/analysis. However, for some reason or another, he tends to 'talk too much' sometimes and finds too many excuses for himself. he should let his racket do the talking and he should be focusing on his own game. He also tends to be very easily provoked by journalists.
Tsonga is just sincere, he says his mind : when he says that, he doesn't think "well that's how people are going to think about that on MTF, I shouldn't tell it".

Personally I like that rather than giving "politically correct answers" all the time.

I know I disagree with many people about that, but personally I agree with Federer, that the only way to be natural and sincere is just not to think about the reactions you will get, just say your mind. Tsonga like Federer (but with less constraints than him) prefers living in this more simple way, just staying natural, and I understand him.

It's better for him anyway.

Is it better for the environment ? Some people don't judge it this way on MTF, I disagree with that generally speaking although in some peculiar cases I understand.

And anyway most people know that Tsonga is actually a nice guy, the people who have met him and other French players from very near say that he's the nicest French player by far.

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