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Re: Tsonga: Referees always favor top 4

Originally Posted by hyperren View Post's starting to look like Tsonga is looking at every possible excuse for why he's not doing any better than Top 5 or 6 (I remember that "other players are playing more smaller tournaments" excuse a couple of months back). Any excuse apart from admitting he's not playing well enough or consistently enough to get the points or the wins.
no no no that's typical MTF reaction but that's completely un-spot-on : after the match in Beijing, Tsonga also said that Djokovic clearly put the bar too high for him in that match, he even said that it was harder against Djokovic than against the rest of the big-4 because when he played a good point, he could win the point against the rest of the big-4 but not against Djokovic - I think he clearly referred to the first breakpoint which Djokovic saved with a superb lob after an incredible rally and which, according to Tsonga's own words, affected his confidence.

And Tsonga's reaction about that point was not after the loss but precisely at the moment when the point happened do'nt you remember how much he complained to Lahyani ?

Besides, about the "other players playing more smaller tournaments", if you read the original interview, it was not him who took the initiative to talk on that topic, he was asked whether maybe he was playing too much, and he just answered "no no I have no choice anyway because ..." : it was not a complaint at all, just an explanation for his schedule (later the French media asked him to precise who he was referring more precisely and he mentioned his main threat for the WTF, that is Tipsarevic).

You can think Tsonga is wrong and talk about other issues of that topic, but referring to him as a bad loser here is a complete mistake : he just has that opinion, whether he's right or not, and he's said it twice.

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