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Re: Death threatening psycho ARRESTED

Originally Posted by Sunset of Age View Post
Sorry to say so, but in my opinion, the security should be allowed to send off fans at practice events and anywhere else, without any reason given, if they feel so - and perhaps most often, because Fed - or any other top player - actually ASKED them to do so.
You are over-reacting.

I've been at quite a few tournaments, and whenever Federer, or anyone else, asks for his practice sessions to be held in private, fans should acknowledge that. And fortunately, most of times, they did.
In fact, in case a player doesn't want to appear in public, doesn't want to hand out autographs - he doesn't need to, there is NO OBLIGATION to do so, with or without an explanation to the 'fans'. For whatever a reason or no.

And I can't help but to think that you happen to exaggerate said 'death threat' too much to think about.
Come on! Like other people have already posted - celebrities, ANY ONE of them, get these kinds of threats all the time! That's just one of the many nasty things one has to deal with when being a celebrity, and Fed is one of them, oh yes... and rightly so.
The best thing to do is NOT to give any attention to these kind of disturbances, let the TPTB deal with it, and that's all to say to it, and be done with it.
Thanks for the infos about practise sessions

But I can easily imagine the reactions Fed not signing autographs and having private practise sessions all week long becaused of the Chinese police, what kind of complaining about China and its awful, stupid habits there would have been on this western forum and everywhere in the West, as western people like so much / have the habit of criticizing China rather than trying to understand a country which is different to their country (their country which they happen not to know very well sometimes by the way because they ignore some things which their administrations do (like expropriating when a public building needs it or treating foreigners like delinquents and expelling them when they have done nothing wrong, or compelling their own citizens to go abroad if they want to marry a foreigner), whereas they know when the Chinese do it because it makes good examples in the media of how awful this country is).

My only reaction is that I say that I think the Chinese police do it right, and I give/ask for infos : I just think potentially serious things have to be taken seriously, and that's all.

In this forum, many 100% useless topics are talked about just to please trolls and adolescents, yet threads on this topic were closed and people like you would like it not to be talked about (and adolescents like Topspindoctor would like it only to be joked about), sorry but I think infos were needed on that topic, especially as most of the infos came from the Chinese media and were not displayed in the Western ones, and many of us don't talk Chinese, which makes that there are many rumours in here which are just not true like this completely untrue "death threatening psycho arrested" which I've seen written everywhere by many fans, the same now people acknowledging that for sure the death threatener has apologized whereas the guy has not even been identified, which means that there's nothing sure about that threat being finished yet.

Besides, you're used to being negative/criticizing on things, as usual about players' game, and I'm used to that kind of coldness from you, you're not bad at all but it's just your usual way to deal with things.

Come on! Like other people have already posted - celebrities, ANY ONE of them, get these kinds of threats all the time!
my question is always the same : where do all these people know that from, which I don't know myself ?
I just ask that, because sorry I've not heard of that, if it's just an usual supposition without any info to go behind, it's like many prejudice which are "well-known" in this world.

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