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Re: Monday 16/7/12 Roger Federer breaks the all time weeks at no. 1 record. CONGRATS

Originally Posted by caisenma View Post
at the end of the day, nobody of any significance feels the same way as you. no one. absolutely no one that has any ounce of credibility in the world of tennis or professional sport as a whole, would back you up on this or your other relentless attacks on "noserer" or his "fangirl legions".

i understand that it's very important for you to feel recognised, but please note that it's possible to respect a player of federer's calibre whilst still acknowledging that you simply prefer nadal's game.

but good lord. i read these boards from time to time, and every thread i go to you're speaking the same thing. are you worried that you're not being noticed? well, you are! much like the child who was crying throughout the film i saw on friday, everyone took note.

you are far too good of a poster and knowledgeable of a tennis fan to resort to such amateur theatrics.
I can't remember a decent post by him... he may actually be the first person I put on ignore. Every post is the same negativity ad nauseam... I actually pity him. Alone on his island of hate. Regardless of what your personal opinion is of Federer, or any top tennis player, they all deserve a certain level of respect as human beings and top sportsmen. Sadly a lot of cretins on here can't even show that.
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