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Re: Monday 16/7/12 Roger Federer breaks the all time weeks at no. 1 record. CONGRATS

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
The record is tainted by the fact that most of Noserer's weeks at #1 were in a mug era of 2003-2007. With no competition, thrashing slam titans like Baldenko, Hewitt, Roddick and Clownbandian it was very easy for Noserer to dominate the top spot. His competition had no balls, talent, ruthlessness, ambition and the will to be the best. Tells a lot about his supposed dominance when a baby clay courter was his biggest rival in slams. But hey, he is still GOAT amongst his fangirl legion who think beating titans like Drugsquet and Haas in semis of a slam is a massive deal.
I think I'm just going to copy/paste this when the weak era shit gets brought up by Rafatards

2003-2007 - weak field, only Federer winning
2008-2009 - stronger field, Nadal wins off clay coincidentally at this same period after the "weak" field disappears, but then becomes weak with Federer taking over again
2010 - very strong field, Nadal still is winning off clay
2011 - weak field by Rafatards, strong field by Noletards, only Djokovic winning
2012 - weak field by Rafatards, strong field by Noletards at first, but Federer somehow wins Wimbledon and takes number 1 ranking again

just such full of contradictions and absolutely buffoonish hypocrisy depending on your biases.

Not sure how this thread became about Murray's talent, but for my two cents he definitely has talent. Sure, his forehand might be ugly and certainly quite poor compare to Federer, Djokovic and Nadal, but he still has fantastic touch, reads the game just as well as anyone else and when he actually uses them, has some of the best point constructing abilities in the game. Just because Murray has never had the confidence and mental strength of his 3 rivals, doesn't mean he isn't talented.. I mean look at this 2007 AO match against Rafa. He wasn't exactly a grinder as he is now, but you could clearly see the skill and talent he possessed especially at the net where his touch was phenomenal. I mean logical and respectful tennis fans (which doesn't include Failspindoctor) certainly place McEnroe near the top, if not at the top, in terms of talent yet he had a very unorthodox forehand (and in many ways his whole game was pretty "unique" in general)

Federer / Haas / Safin / Gaudio / Kuerten / Youzhny / Nadal / Gonzalez / Ljubicic / Hewitt / Soderling / Wawrinka / Coria / Nalbandian / Kohlschreiber

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