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Re: Stay Pressed.

Originally Posted by Pirata. View Post
Where is the lie? Mad because they can't get with the hip lingo from the girls and gurls

For the uninformed, 'pressed' or 'stay pressed' is a phrase, usually negative, that means a person is overly obsessed with hating on a particular thing or person, often for asinine or illogical reasons. For example, Rafa fans on this forum are pressed that Roger is the GOAT while Roger fans are pressed over the H2H in Rafa's favor. I don't know where exactly it originated, but it was popularized by pop music fans on the ATRL forums because anti-fans are obsessed with trying to discredit the artists they hate to the point where their obsession with hating an artist overwhelms any artist they claim to love. Usually, the "facts" they use to discredit the object of their hatred are exaggerated or unfounded and people see right through their garbage.

We have a lot of these types on MTF, instead of pop music fans, it's tennis fans. Mark Lenders, for example, is pressed about David Ferrer's entire existance.

Although I detest it being used in sports threads, I always crack up when it's used in the context of pop music/entertainment. I don't use it myself (never in my life would I say anyone was "pressed" about anything), but the bitter back-and-forth conversations crack me up. Or, to put it another way: *dead*

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