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Re: Death threatening psycho ARRESTED

Originally Posted by Sunset of Age View Post
This. These kind of psycho's usually crave attention and feel getting mentioned in the papers is some kind of a 'victory' for them.
Better let TPTB deal with threats like this in a silent, undercover way. And of course intensify the security (which I believe is necessary for certain players anyways, death threats or no ).

Fed himself more or less commented on the whole incident being taken out-of-proportions and I tend to agree with him.
the reason why they made the threats public is because, in order to intensify Fed's security, they decided that his training sessions would not be in public and that he would not sign autographs. Nobody would have understood if they had done that without saying why, and there would have been rumours anyway.

And well, I'm glad that Fed's security has the priority in the Chinese's eyes rather than autographs. In European countries in such a case, I think he would have been much less safe (Rosset said last week that if anybody wanted to kill a player, it was easy to do, and what happened in RG 2009 final if not Seles' case proved it in my eyes).

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