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Originally Posted by Murray Mint View Post
Someone needs to let the professionals know that the guys on MTF have decided that Olympic medals aren't worth anything and they shouldn't bother playing. Seriously.... did you not see Del Potro's reaction to winning a BRONZE?! Murray was obviously overjoyed at winning gold, Djokovic devastated by his two losses, and Fed was desperate to complete the set with a gold (perhaps this is why people slate the gold, because RF will never win it - and the last two winners were Nadal and Murray). But what do the players know compared to people on here that can claim a 1000 is bigger, and one clown even suggested it's akin to a 250 Do you take yourselves seriously? Would Fed or anyone else not swap a 1000 title for the Olympic gold ffs!

It's such a shame that fans of Federer can't show the same class as the great man himself. I think he'd be very disappointed in you.
Not really the reason. Some of us are a little older and have followed tennis for a long time, long before Federer started winning anything. Why didn't Borg win the Olympics? Easy answer. It wasn't held when he was active. Why didn't Lendl? He never entered. Why didn't Sampras? He didn't try. Sure, he entered in 1992 - on clay. But he did not enter in 2000 or - most significantly - in 1996 on HC in his home country, where he would have been overwhelming favourite. Many of the other top players likewise gave the tournament a miss. Why didn't they play? Easy. Not worth their while. We oldtimers remember this all too well. While one concedes that its value have risen over time, it is a stretch to place a tournament that used to be no more than a paranthesis suddenly among the very top. Back in the 90s, the title of Olympic champion in tennis was about as meaningful as Olympic champion in football was and still is today.
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