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Someone needs to let the professionals know that the guys on MTF have decided that Olympic medals aren't worth anything and they shouldn't bother playing. Seriously.... did you not see Del Potro's reaction to winning a BRONZE?! Murray was obviously overjoyed at winning gold, Djokovic devastated by his two losses, and Fed was desperate to complete the set with a gold (perhaps this is why people slate the gold, because RF will never win it - and the last two winners were Nadal and Murray). But what do the players know compared to people on here that can claim a 1000 is bigger, and one clown even suggested it's akin to a 250 Do you take yourselves seriously? Would Fed or anyone else not swap a 1000 title for the Olympic gold ffs!

It's such a shame that fans of Federer can't show the same class as the great man himself. I think he'd be very disappointed in you.

Originally Posted by Litotes View Post
Has anyone told the organisers? Djokovic won two RR matches in 2009 and was eliminated anyway. Same thing happened to Murray.
I think this devalues it, it's ridiculous. Without thinking too deeply on it, my initial reaction was that the WTF is worth 50% of a grand slam at the very most, probably a bit less.
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