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Re: Chick-fil-A brand rating drops 30+ points after boycott of company.

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
I already addressed this. Look at the results, not polls. Every state (31 at last count) voted against gay marriage.
Not a reflection of the landscape of the country on this issue today. Nor at all. For example, only 19% of people voted on Prop 8 in 2008. Marriage equality was not a mainstream issue in a real way until really the last year.

Seeing that around 200 million Americans oppose gay marriage, doesn't the personal attacks, overblown media reaction and boycott against one business owner seem utterly ridiculous?
No. Highlighting and condemning bad behavior for what it is, is just that.

And all the evidence you need about the press pushing it's own agenda?
Facts have a liberal bias.

It's not like he holds an extreme view.
Being against the equality of legal citizens on the basis of who they are is very much extreme. It's wrong.

Democracies are supposed to be about majority rule.
The USA is not a pure democracy. Majority does not have the right to infringe on minorities.

He holds a majority viewpoint, yet the company's targeted as if they were some sort of extremist organization for saying they are against gay marriage.
Well, maybe that's a sign of where popular culture is headed. Seems like a good thing to me
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