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Re: How the US government armed Mexican drug cartels

Hm, I read the book "The Power of the Dog" by Don Winslow earlier this year, so for sure this is no new information and probably also not worth to start a thread only with the purpose of blaming US policies for all evil in the world.

States who actively engage themselves in the world sometimes make things worse, states who never do anything must always be blamed for the consequences of their inactivity. So I guess Chile, a bit like Germany (who often try to go a different way), should really be blamed a lot.

Of course you can have dreams about a better world, but you have to be sure that your world really is possible, otherwise it stays a dream and you are so much occupied with it that you can´t see the real problems which lie before you.

Yes, one could have wished that the policies of the USA were more directed to improve the living standard of the average inhabitant of the country they gave money to (especcialy given the problems the huge amount of poor, badly educated young men in a couple of islamic states can create for Israel), but the money was given in a historical context and for sure the sowjet intention didn´t go towards a general improvement of the living standard either.
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