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Re: Chick-fil-A brand rating drops 30+ points after boycott of company.

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
Polls are twisted. I'm so sick to death of people citing them. Every single place they vote on this issue, it's overwhelmingly against. The states that have allowed a public vote have done it without a vote, for good reason. It wouldn't pass. From California to the South. It was the legislatures in Vermont, New York and etc... that decided to allow it. Even those very liberal states knew the public would vote against it.
New York's populous actually drove the action on marriage equality. Several Republican legislators voted yes. Every single vote on this issue has been done before public movement in favor of marriage equality, outside of North Carolina. The majority have occurred in Southern and Midwestern states which are significantly more anti-gay than the rest of the country.

Four states have it on ballot this year and in Maine, the gay community, and our legislative allies, have brought it up for public vote in confidence of it passing and all polls, that word you don't like, have it passing.

Marriage ballot voting numbers are/have not been representative of the entire populous' opinion as most people have been either apathetic, slightly anti-gay, very anti-gay or pro-gay......meaning, at least two of the categories are people who don't care enough to vote. The anti-gay side has been more motivated and organized than the pro-gay side and thus, we've been at a major disadvantage, but our culture is changing.

BTW, gay marriage has gotten at least 40% in all recent marriage ballots.

Lastly, equal rights should never be up for vote. Ever. These marriage amendments are fundamentally unconstitutional.
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