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Re: Chick-fil-A brand rating drops 30+ points after boycott of company.

Originally Posted by Tommy_Vercetti View Post
This only tells you how strongly rooted the bias in the media is.
Facts tend to have a liberal bias.

The vast majority of the population opposes gay marriage
Care to back that statement up with numbers?

but it's such a huge issue when one person in a position of financial power says it, and all of a sudden they make it seem like the company's reputation is hurt and etc.., etc..
Most companies are pro-gay with reason. And as the numbers show, yes, Chick-fil-A's reputation has been damaged overall. They are now associated with hate. That's having a bad reputation.

It's all propaganda and lies. Most people don't care in the least what a businessman says, anymore than they do some what some Hollywood airhead parrots.
People may not care what a businessman says but they do care about where their money goes and who it goes to.

People don't boycott Ben & Jerry's because the owners are far-left twits. But the media makes it into a negative discussion when it involves a social conservative issue. It's sickening.
It's not the fault of the media social conservatives put themselves in positions of criticism because they support and promote bigotry.

The only image this has really hurt is the gay community again.
Only with people who weren't allies for the community to begin with.

Like the black community when they turn out to support thugs. They do nothing but reinforce the worst stereotypes when they choose to show up at CFA and engage in disgusting behavior and refusing to allow other people to have other opinions.
Freedom of speech/opinion doesn't mean freedom from responsibility of said speech/opinion.

Choosing to anti-gay has consequences.

They can't tolerate dissent of any kind.
There aren't two sides to this table. You're either pro or anti-equality.

The gay "leadership" is behind only academia in terms of its intellectual intolerance.
Being anti-gay is the antithesis of intelligence.
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