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Re: Is Nishikori the highest ranked player with no haters on MTF?!!

Originally Posted by Nole Rules View Post
Guga was so likeable but I wasn't here in MTF when he was playing so I don't know. Safin had some haters I'm sure.
I did hate him. I did not really have any good reasons to hate him, but God, I did... I assume the only true reason behind it was that he had become famous by beating Kafelnikov really early when he won his first RG. And then he beat him again and again in very close matches.
At the time I was about 13 or something, so I tended to be childish in that way and hate on players who beat my favourites (now I have grown out of it, unlike many people out here who still do that as adults )

One reason that was slightly less stupid was that I could not stand the hype around him, and the kind of "he's so cool and he's Brazilian" thing (dunno why being Brazilian seems to automatically add a bonus). I also tend to dislike people who are too obvious crowd-pleasers (drawing a giant heart on the clay court...). It makes me suspicious (because some people who are really not that nice in reality are really good at being loved by crowds and the media) and it irritates me.

And also I hated his game and his grunts and did not find him exciting to watch at all.

But to be honest, I think I really had no reason to hate him and although I've always been unconvinced by the "he's the coolest guy on earth" argument, I have no reason to think that he was not really a genuine nice guy. If I had not been so hell-bent on hating him from the start, maybe I would have loved him like everyone else

Originally Posted by Mark Lenders View Post
I love Kei

You have a point here, he hardly has any haters. IMO, hating Kei should be a bannable offense, there's absolutely nothing to hate. Would be great for the game if Kei could win a Slam sometime.
LOL! The only reason why other players have haters is because of people like you who hate on them!

I'm sure that as soon as he beats some of the great favourites, plenty of people will find things to hate about him. And if he ever wins a Slam, he will have tons of haters.
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