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Re: Nishikori will win a slam

I have always hoped he would and have always thought he could. Its not just him winning tokyo thats made me believe he can, ever since he came and broke out in 2008 i thought that if he could stay healthy for a long enough period of time he could win one. Federer and nadal wont be around forever nor will murray and djokovic. Look at the guys coming up behind the big 4 and you'd have to give kei a serious shot at at least one.

I dont understand why everyone thinks its such a long shot. I mean, everyone is looking for the next slam winners once the big 4 leave but every time a name or a contender is brought up on this forum they are shot down. Someone has to win these slams opnce the big 4 leave the game and kei will hopefully be around to take advantage

The timing of the thread makes it seem bandwagony but the fact is the potential is there for kei.

you can argue that kei can lose to anyone on a bad or average day but really outside the top 4 that can be said about literally every other player so thats not a fair argument to make against kei specifically

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