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Re: How the US government armed Mexican drug cartels

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
i focus on the west because of the rampant hipocrisy there and the fact that to this day the west has a strong position in the world. the palestinian-israeli conflict is of great importance to me and, without claiming expertice, i have read quite a bit on the subject. i consider my position highly moderate though.
Once you move from plain old ''moderate'' you are tilting towards less moderate. But apart from that, why do you think you are highly moderate when your views are extreme compared to the majority. What is your base point for deciding you are relatively moderate? Is it subjective or objective? Is it just that you are moderate and most people are extreme?

So there is no rampant hypocrisy in China, Russia, African nations, Latin American nations or Islamic nations that has caught your laser eye?

I think I have asked you before which functioning system you would like to see replace the functioning Western system.


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