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When will MTF stop overhyping a player after winning a title?

I mean seriously. You're not making any favour to that player.

Like Djokovic when he won Australian Open i saw threads like: "Will Djokovic become the hardcourt GOAT?"
Like Lacko after he made the final in Zagreb everyone was jumping in the slovakian bandwagon and now he finally managed to end a 9-match losing streak
Like Baker when he made the final in Nice i saw threads like: "Will Baker make the top 10 ?" "How many titles will Brian Baker win in his career?" and now he struggles to win 2 consecutive matches in a row
Like Klizan when he won St Petersburg : "Can Klizan be a great player in the future?" and right after that he lost in the 1st round against Chiudinelli
Or Murray after he won US Open "Will Murray finish this year ranked #1?"

And so on...

Now after Nishikori won Tokyo threads like "Nishikori will win a slam" or "How high can Nishikori get in the rankings in his career?" appeared out of nowhere. Where were these threads before today? Nowhere. Maybe he'll win a slam yes, i really hope he does, maybe he'll be in the top 3 someday but maybe he won't be even close to that and these threads will prove to be just some epic jinxs. You never know. So let's stop with the overhype after a player wins a title. Ok at least Djokovic and Murray won a GS title when threads like that appeared but with players like Lacko, Baker, Klizan, or Nishikori being overhyped only because of a good run, or a 250/500 title it's just not right

And the most annoying thing is that this kind of threads appear only after a player wins a title and never BEFORE they do it and if they don't make the breaktrough everyobdy expects they're suddenly mugs, clowns etc. just because they didn't raise to some guy's expectations and just play their normal level.

So really. Stop it !

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