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Re: 1st 2012 US Presidential Election Televised Debate

Originally Posted by Commander Data View Post
I did not say that I know better, I just said that the Americans do not know what is best for them. In general, it seems rather naive to assume that any people know what is best for them or which person will best rule them. Should I start pointing out instances from history were peoples did not know whats good for them? You are from Israel, so i can probably skip that part...

On your interpretation of me post: I definitely have better eduction then the average American who is bombarded by stupid media 24/7, so, forgive me my arrogance, but I do indeed believe, that I know better who would would be a good president.
sadly the ppl who are best for my country are long long dead.

i just think when it comes to each country, u and me can talk alot but who knows what is best for them? thats a Confusing question b/c after the person got elected, u never know what he really think or will do, he has 4 years and u cant kick him out, esp if he is the U.S. President so I'll rephrase, i think the ppl in the US know better then us what is better for them.

i believe u that u have a better eduction but in the end i see the flag of Switzerland in ur card so whats the difference between u and me with Knowledge? Im not a Resident like your not, I have a broad education just like you, i read a lot just like u.

in the end i wont have to live with my Choice, they are.

i think the average American dont give a rat about anything other then his Economic situation and i cant blame him, who think about other problems when u lost ur job and cant bring food to ur family?
in the end i think the person who they will think will help the Economic situation will be the President.

i think obama will win in the end.

p.s i dont find anything u wrote arrogance, im not commenting or reading to read the same Opinion, i love looking at things with new eyes.

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