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Re: How the US government armed Mexican drug cartels

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
i focus on the west because of the rampant hipocrisy there and the fact that to this day the west has a strong position in the world.
who do u think is better to have a strong position in the world if its not a group of countries who Lead the world economically, culturally & technologically? When Rome was an empire she was leading the world, the same goes for the Ottoman Empire.
who will lead, Andorra or North Korea?
can u find my a country who is not a hipocrisy?
the arb world bash the west while they do business with them, tied knots with them, sell them oil.
they always say "our brothers and sisters all over Egypt, Libya and Palestine" but did they help them in any way? Do they donate millions like the West? look what is going in syrica in the past year but do u see any help from the arb world to save their brothers or sisters? yaa right
have they ever did something to help?
u talk about hipocrisy, lets talk about how china "invets" in africa when what they are really doing is take over lands and Rich resources and finance their state population because they do not have enough land to grow grains or food. but they "invest" in africa.
or we can talk about one of ur Neighbors Hugo Chavez who scream "bad americans, bad Imperialism" but he sell them his oil...

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
the palestinian-israeli conflict is of great importance to me and, without claiming expertice, i have read quite a bit on the subject. i consider my position highly moderate though..
im a happy that u care but sad for u b/c this place is a war zone and not the The most deadly conflict in the world, there is no Sexual abuse or starvation, this is not a place with humanitarian crisis. this small place smaller then New Jersey caught the media interest not b/c anyone really give a damn about the Israelis or Palestinians. the only reason the world care about this place is b/c of oil, the moment it will run out the 2 sides can kill each other until forever...this will be africa 2.0.
what the world really care is To lower the flames of war so the oil prices wont rise b/c it will hurt each and every country in the pocket, the only 2 sides who care are the Parties involved.

u told buddyholly
i'd talk about that subject here but it's something too local for the likes of you to care.
so u can Draw conclusions, assume facts, blame charges on a place u never visited, never saw? ur in a Distance of continents, oceans, countries and mountains
do u think that im in such a Distance from u can talk and assume i know about chila then the ppl who live there or very close by just b/c "i read alot"? i doubt it
if u would have visit the place, talk with locals on both sides, listen to them, see the area for yourself, how small and how critical security arrangements are.
then if u would come and tell me listen "i believe this" "i think this and this" i could tell u, hey maybe i disagree/agree with u or thank u for letting me things differently.
i live in the center of israel and there are places i really dont know much and whats all the fuss, just when i visit and see the mess in my eyes i can be a better judge and get the full picture so u who is in the other side of the wotld think he has some real Knowledge? ur either with self-confidence without substantiation or you delusional.

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
that said, unlike what many seem to think around here, i don't hate the west at all. in fact, it could well be said that i live a western-like lifestyle with western habits and whatnot
so u can take from the west the good, live their life style but hate them? who is Hypocrite now? u copy their lifestyle and u give them the power and strong position but then u run and say bad bad west, its just like a person who live a gay lifestyle in his home, have a gf/bf but outise "eww gays and lesbians, what a sin it is"

u can talk to me Through the Internet b/c of the west mind and Creativity, they gave humanity so much more then any other culture in my eyes so to point out just the bad and never the good this is sanctimoniousness.

now about ur siggy, u say and i quote u “There’s no voice greater than the voice of the intifada”
to ppl who dont know intifada is an Arabic word which means "uprising" or "resistance" or "rebellion". Intifāḍat ("uprising of")It is often used as a term for popular resistance to oppression.

u said there isnt any greater voice..
tell me, have u ever smell the smell of human flesh ofter a boom attack, do u know what is the smell of death? have u ever seen a childs body part outside of his body on the street?

here are the "greater voice" numbers

During the first intifada were killed (between 88 to 92) average about -456 Palestinians and 24 Israelis a year, while the second intifada (from 2000 to 2005) average about -712 Palestinians and 182 Israelis a year. The most difficult year in terms of the first intifada, Israeli fatalities was 1992 that killed 34 Israelis, however the second intifada was the most difficult year of 2002 that killed 452 Israelis. According to B'Tselem first intifada 1593 Palestinians were killed (at least a third of them by other Palestinians) and 84 Israelis (including civilians and security personnel), the Second Intifada (Al - Aqsa Intifada) killed 4944 Palestinians and Israelis -1011.

what is great in 5955 ppl death? those are someone daughter, sons, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers.

im not trying to attack u or Educate you, nor do i try to bash u or Preach you, i just think that to each coin theres 2 sides, some say there are 3 sides to each problem, his side, the other persons side and the truth.
A little modesty or humility on your part will not hurt u...

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
lastly , i invite you all to really focus on the discussion of this thread.
im trying but u just say the same thing over and over again but in a different path, only ur Agnda. u say so much but u never really say a lot.
on the other hand i do believe u believe with all ur heart that u fight the fight of the Underdog and u come from a good place.

Hug it out as long as it takes, people
"People were created to be loved
things were created to be used.
The reason why the world is in chaos is because things are being loved, and people are being used."

"יברכך ה' וישמרך,יאר ה' פניו אליך ויחונך,ישא ה' פניו אליך וישם לך שלום"

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