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Re: Who is the last poster to have BADrepped you? Vol 2

Originally Posted by Topspindoctor View Post
Duong - yet another Noserer fangirl offended that I don't worship the ground his God walks on. Next time I post, I will keep in mind that GM is a actually a Noserer shrine and that any infidels will promptly be punished if they don't follow the order of the Nose.
Originally Posted by Elister
Same here.
Another guy got a badrep for the same kind of disgusting comments :

Originally Posted by uxyzapenje View Post
So the GOAT is safe? It's 3:44 AM here in Serbia and I can't sleep, thinking about Fed and his safety. I hope the guy was just messing around and he won't do anything to hurt the Swiss genius. Roggie
Originally Posted by uxyzapenje View Post
Have some respect for the tennis God. Just imagine what would the world (let alone ATP tour and the sport of tennis) be like without him?

Roggie, don't worry, I'm going to pray for your safety
And Sombrero Loco as well, who replied I'm a huge troll : I already knew I'm insane thanks to Abraxas (who did not get a badrep for that : he's entitled to this opinion, and there's some truth in it), I'm happy to know I'm also a troll because I post serious infos on the thread about Fed's death threats.

Joking about Fed's death threats and about people who take them seriously is considered as "just sane" in your eyes and taking death threats seriously means that the person targetted is considered like a God ??

It seems that you can't really deal with serious matters, you just want MTF to be an adolescents-forum.

useless old guy

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