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Re: Attention Seekers Vol. 2012 - House keeping diaries.

Yes, I was looking for a mighty leader that didnt kill too many people.

How I feel people are invading my country...lets see.... I can give the good answer and the bad answer.
The most important thing however is to remind that the World Cup should give more tourists througout the country whilst in the Olympics thy will be only in Rio.

The good answer would be: Amazing for the country, its economy and maybe some cultural exchange.

The bad answer: Brazilian people will be whitenized with the woman interested in getting an european child even if Brazil has a better economic projection than the old world hypotetically.

Speaking seriously, I think its gonna be a good thing. I mean, hopefully there wont be many killed foreigners by the brazilian violence (not every world cup city is violent as Rio de Janeiro or Sao Paulo), and maybe the world gets to know that Brazil isnt only Amazon, beaches and samba. Ok, I dont think the second is possible anyway. But I dont know if the country is ready for it. At least one fact is sure, there arent small cities for the tourists to come so probably there should be enough hotel accomodation for all. And then lets pray God have mercy on the foreigners and that our mighty woman president that will probably be reelected do whats possible to pass a good image of this tropical paradise.


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