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Re: How the US government armed Mexican drug cartels

Originally Posted by buddyholly View Post
The only purpose of Chile is to supply us rich Western fat cats with sea bass for our fine restaurants. When it is fished to extinction, in the near future, Chile will have no further use for us.
and the rich western fat cats will have no more chilean fish to eat...

i know you're simply trying to be provocative but without wanting to, you expose a sad reality of how the world operates. the chilean fishing industry is controled by a handful of rich families who are exploding our sea. i'd talk about that subject here but it's something too local for the likes of you to care.

The wines are mostly of the type that is best presented in a box.
not much of a wine guy myself but the chilean wine is top notch. it is reported though that the vast majority of the wine that is exported fits the presentation criterion you propose. producers find it more profitable to export low quality wine than high quality, which is kind of intriguing. still, you can find some good stuff out there too.

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