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Re: How the US government armed Mexican drug cartels

Originally Posted by abraxas21 View Post
nice, i point the fact that the US govt did wrong and i get attacked.
u just need to know that there are sides to each coin, i always see u open threads blaming my country or the USA for all the wrongs that are in the world but lets erase the US and my country, do u think a world run by russia and china is better? to human rights "fighters"?
i never see u talk about what the jap's did to the chinese, the Turkish to the Armenians, the mess all over africa (pick any country from there..sadly most of them are in a mess), China and the Tibetan people, Russia and the Chechens. the fact that women can not drive in Saudi Arabia and all of them are their man's property, we can talk about the Withdrawal of the Arab world from advances to darkness, more then billion ppl all over the world, billions of $ from oil and No innovation or technological invention, if im wrong pls do correct me but how many noble prize winners 6 in all the arb world, 4are for peace and sorry we all know that it doesnht really count so we have just 2, for Literature and the other one is for Chemistry.
we can talk about the lovely Hugo Chávez and so many more...but ur always picking for the USA or my country and never comes with a new topic, we got ur hate, now what?

p.s im not attacking u, just wanna understand

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