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Re: Look, you know, our draws are not rigged they are just unlikely. (pt2)

3 things, no?

Northern Mexico!

Absolutely not. That's the most dangerous area!

But you know I met a lovely family at IW who had driven there from Monterey. They were so cute. And they all spoke excellent English -- even the kids. I was sitting beside the husband and one of Rafa's doubles matches and there were so few seats that people had to split up. The mother and the daughter got seats right down by the court and eventually, the father got a seat by me and the son sort of in front of me. And during the warm up the mother and daughter were talking to Rafa as he came over near them to get a ball, and he gave them the most darling little smile. Afterward, I asked what they had said to him, and they told me in English that they said, "Please Rafa, give us a smile -- just a little smile, please." And that's what prompted the cute little smile. The girl was 13 and she was so happy and her mother was almost equally happy. It was fun to see how much the father enjoyed their happiness.
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