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Re: Chick-fil-A brand rating drops 30+ points after boycott of company.

Originally Posted by Pirata. View Post
Funny to see all the people going out to support Chik-fil-a (some claiming they weren't against homosexuality, but they were just supporting free speech ) and stuffing their faces with those mediocre sandwiches, you'd never see that many so-called Christians waiting in long lines to help out at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.
Exactly, and it's tragic. These fundamentalist morons so badly want to be martyrs so they lied about the reasons of the boycott to make themselves appear as victims of the "social left" These same people got up in arms when it was (as we know now, falsely) reported the company would stop donating to hate groups. That made it clear the entire Chick-fil-A appreciation day bullshit and support has been and is purely about coming together and celebrating homophobia. The fact that something like that would happen in 2012 is appalling but we've ultimately won the message war.

CFA leaders and their supporters are fucking disgusting pigs but if they want to eat greasy fast food and reduce their life spans, I ain't gonna complain
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