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Re: Murray`s negative attitude on court

Originally Posted by Sanya View Post
How do you think how many matches Andy lost due to negative attitude during match? Today he was malicious after every single point he didn`t take. I understand, now he is legend Goldray and Slamray , but it doesn`t believe he will never lose again hovewer we joked about it.

I can remember at least 5-6 for last years where the obvious reasons of losses were wrong focus for Andy. Too many tantrums, too litle smart and accurate play.

For me sometimes it looks like Andy has conflict in himself while losing to players he should have won to his mind. "How on earth I missed that backhand, I should have never even played this kind of shot against this opponent. Failed, Andy, be smarter!". And so on. He concentrates on some bad points more than they deserve. I can remember the same thing with early Federer.

The most important thing I saw as a result of Lendlray co-work was changing of Murray`s behaviour on court. I thought that after victory on GS it would be even easier for Murray to face little fails during matches here and there, but now I`m not that sure.

Any thoughts?
Well put across, I agree with a lot of that. His attitude, considering what he's achieved & got off his shoulders is p!ssing me off. However, he wants to be more consistent so that will be bothering him. Come slams, I genuinely do think he will be a threat at three out of four slams from now on, taking another 2-3 in his career IMO.

He should relax, enjoy his tennis for the rest of the year then make an assualt on AO title. But he seems to be piling the pressure right back on, I can't fathom him.

Very complex game, complex character ? Ledl missing having an effect ?
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