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Re: "Speed up the courts and general court speed Thread"

Originally Posted by August View Post
And that's not what ATP/ITF wants.

But anyway, I think slow HCs should be banned, they destroy players' bodies. HCs should be at least medium-paced, that would shorten rallies, thus be less damaging for body. Anyway, I once calculated the ratios of different surfaces on the tour:

CL:34 %
H:31 %
IH:26 %
G:9 %

So, if we lived in an ideal world where clay would be slow, HC medium-paced, and indoors and grass fast, we'd have about 1/3 on clay, hc, and grass+indoors. But if we weighed those tournaments by points available (GS=8 250s), the ratios would be as follows:

CL:30 %
H:39 %
IH:21 %
G:10 %

So, HCs are dominating in the higher tournament levels. So if I could affect on surfaces, I'd reduce no. of outdoor HC events so that 1/3 of points available would come from slow clay, medium-paced outdoor HCs, and fast grass+indoor HC/carpet. That would be fair for all styles of play, and possibly bring more variety to tennis.
nicely done You are spot on with regards to slow HC's, they are so bad for the body. Gruesome exchanges should be reserved for Clay.
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