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Re: Nole and Almagro Doing a Gangnam Style dance xD

Originally Posted by Kat_YYZ View Post
I agree it was fun, but it was never going to be permanent. For one, stuff you do at age 19-20 is no longer 'cute' when you're older. I mean this in a broad sense, not just relating to Nole. There's a time and place for everything, but evolving and changing are also part of life.

Also, he is more intimidating now, and that helps him be at the top & win slams. He could never have the same aura if he continued to be the jester. Part of that is about how others perceive him and part of it is how he perceives himself. A lot of his success after the first half of 2011 is just due to the fear other players have of him, of the Nole who went on a six-month winning rampage.

He's still fun and funny, just in a different way. He had to leave certain things behind (as we all do).
I guess you have a point Kat. It's just that he quit doing those things because some players took offense. So it's abit forced, instead of coming naturally.

Exo's are great because the players show a different side of themselves, heck even boring Fed is funny there. I think tennis could use abit more of this. It's all business now, which can get abit tedious for me.
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