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Re: Nole and Almagro Doing a Gangnam Style dance xD

Originally Posted by BigJohn View Post
You do understand that the impressions and the fact No2e felt entitled to unconditional love from the crowds is the fact some people don't like him, right? Couple that blatant attention-worism with the faking and the cheating...
nah you're blowing things way out of proportion mate. He didn't feel entitled to anything. He was just having fun, people liked it and he got abit carried away with it. It was all rather innocent, and actually quite funny. I just don't understand how something like this can annoy people to this extent.

With regard to his "faking" and "cheating", I don't see it. All he did was forfeit a few matches (which can be attributed to his allergy) awhile back . But anyways, there is no need to bring that up anyways, this was about this dance and you taking personal offense. Lighten up dude, if you're gonna get annoyed by're gonna have a bad time
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