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Re: Honest assessment of Novak's year by his fans

Originally Posted by Chemokine View Post
I hate it when trolls come on to these threads. It was perfectly civil the first few pages and then deteriorated.

Last year was a dream. He was just so on top of his game. This year- his form dropped a bit, he was weaker somewhat mentally and appeared a little out of it at times and still came out with a pretty good year: 2 MS, multiple finals, 1 GS etc. He has a very good chance at year end No. 1 as well.

I think he made a mistake in explicitly targeting 2 events. While one should schedule carefully, I think he didn't focus as much as he should have.

The pressure will be off of him a bit now and I'm very excited for the new rivalries in tennis. When everyone plays well, it's a win-win for tennis.
They aren't troll's, this is the main board, you can't expect it to be just for Nole fans when it's on the main board, go post it in Nole's forum if you want it to be just for his fans.

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